Resources for patients

Information on conditions:

Here are some websites which provide helpful information.

For General Endocrine related conditions:

The (international) Endocrine society has a website called the Hormone Health Network which gives information to help people to understand endocrine conditions.

The Endocrine Society of Australia provides useful resources on a range of endocrine conditions for people seeking to better understand them.

For Thyroid gland information:

American Thyroid Association 

For Diabetes Mellitus related information

Diabetes Australia is the national body for people affected by all types of diabetes and those at risk. It is a respected and valued source of information, advice and views utilised by government and the community.

Diabetes Victoria is the Victorian body for those affected by and at risk of developing Diabetes in all its forms. It has plenty of useful resources:

The National Diabetes Services Scheme  (NDSS) is an initiative of the Australian Government is administered with the assistance of Diabetes Australia. The NDSS agent in Victoria is Diabetes Victoria. The NDSS supports people with diabetes. It provides services and products to help people manage their diabetes.

Driving with Diabetes Mellitus:

For Menopause related information, The Australian Menopause Society (AMS) provides accurate, evidence-based information about peri-menopause, MHT/HRT and alternatives and osteoporosis.

For Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis Australia provides information about Osteoporosis, a common condition in which bones become fragile, leading to a higher risk of fractures (or breaks) than in normal bone.